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Case 1

Patient was unhappy with her gummy smile. Patient underwent gum surgery and a complete smile make over with 10 esthetic Porcelain fused to Zirconia Crowns. Patient was extremely pleased with her smile

Case 2

Patient was missing his front tooth for over 10 yrs. Patient was unhappy with his partial denture and was not a candidate for Implants due to insufficient bone. A 6 unit (Canine to Canine) PFZ bridge was fabricated and Patient was extremely pleased with the outcome.

Case 3

Patient had a failed and fractured bridge on the left upper jaw. Patient did not want removal dentures. An Implant supported bridge was planned. 4 implants were placed in the maxilla in one day and after 3 months of healing, they were restored with a 5 unit bridge. Patient is very pleased with the esthetic and functional outcome of the treatment.

Case 4

A six month Invisalign treatment was done and the patient was extremely pleased with the outcome.